Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards 2020 – Elite Olive Oil Competition

Berlin GOOA 2020

Berlin Olive Oil Awards, brings the collective knowledge and expertise of high-profile food scientists, tech pioneers, and key business players, setting the standards for a credible, transparent and trustworthy global olive oil competition.

Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards, goal is to become synonymous with excellence and rigorous quality recognition assessment process in the olive oil industry, offering a prestigious European award with global reach.

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Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards 2020

BGOOA 2020

Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards GOOA 2020



Berlin GOOA 2020 Certification Award

A certification is granted to the winners of the competition with a detailed report of the overall performance of the olive oil. The certification can be used as an excellent marketing and communication tool for promoting with confidence the quality of the awarded olive oils.

Sensory Analysis Report

A sensory analysis report will be sent to the award winners. It includes the complete results and scoring for each awarded brand and an overview of the overall performance of the brand based on the organoleptic assessment.

meet the buyers™

We offer a significant and highly valuable proprietary database with food and beverage buyers, distributors, wholesalers, agents and key business players to every awarded food producer, opening a window for targeted and efficient promotion of the awarded brands.